Since 2012, My Pop-Up Store, values and promotes the Mauritian Local Artisans & Designers. Our mission is to revigorate the Truly Mauritian cultural heritage & creative identity to be desirable and contemporary.

Buying Local is more than just a Trend, it is a Lifestyle.

Supporting Local generates pride, great satisfaction, amusement and consciousness. Buying Local literally spreads joy among the Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Shopping local is the act of everyday consumers ;

* Buying what we produce and source locally (products or services)
* Creating link with a one-of-a-kind neighbourhood
* Supporting the community
* Help supporting the local economy
* Building a more vibrant and unified society
* Creating shopping experiences which make sense and which are enjoyable
* Knowing the origins; know where the products are coming from and the people behind the products.
Buying Local contributes in saving money, having access to fresh and healthy products, have great environmental benefits, protects Local hands and promote Local skills and knowledge.

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My PopUp Store as a proud partner of Made in Moris is happy to sell and represent Made in Moris Brands and products on its e-shop !